Monday, 17 June 2013

Hello all...

This is the first update in what looks like nearly a year. So out we come from under this rock to tell the world that Seattle's Dream Decay will be taking us on tour down the west coast of the United States of America. This is very exciting.

We were planning to have our Alcohol/Rod 7" finally out by this tour but lack of money has put that yet again on the back burner. We would have also loved to make it back to all the awesome places we played last time, as well as to Europe to see all of you awesome people that have written to us but time and money constraints have prevented this also.

So instead we have 10 shows which are as follows. This list will be updated as more info trickles in. We would be stoked to see people there:


THURSDAY AUGUST 8TH,  VANCOUVER BC -  TBA (It's looking like its going to be at a bar)

FRIDAY AUGUST 9TH,  BELLEVUE WA  (DAY SHOW)  @ Ground Zero w/ Thee Samedi 

FRIDAY AUGUST 9TH,  SEATTLE WA  -  @ Black Lodge w/ Naomi Punk, Stickers, + 1 more ( possibly GAG)




WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14TH,  SAN JOSE CA   -  @ Cafe Stritch w/ Sourpatch


FRIDAY AUGUST 16TH,  OAKLAND CA  -  @ 1234 Go Records w/ Vaccuum, In Disgust

SATURDAY AUGUST 17TH LOS ANGELES CA  -  @ Vets Hall w/ Behavior, TBA

SUNDAY AUGUST 18TH LOS ANGELES CA - (useless children only) - @ EL CID w/ Dumb Numbers (record launch), Qui & Hepa/Titus

DREAM DECAY will be playing more dates making their way back up the coast. Details Coming.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Melbourne Launch...

We are very happy to be launching our new LP. Joining us for the Melbourne show will be our good friends White Walls, Concrete Life and Headless Death. Please come along. If you look to the BUY link over to your left you can purchase a copy of the LP from our online store. We will have details for some interstate shows up real soon.

In the meantime we will be playing at the event below. True Radical Miracle have been one of if not THE best band from Australia of the last decade. On an average night, they are the best band around but when they hit it they really are of the gods. We are very humbled that we get to play with them one last time. And what a fucking bill. Stoked we're on first and we don't have to follow any of the other bands. See you there....

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Post Ending // Now Completed

Our latest recorded effort, the LP 'Post Ending // Pre Completion', is now available through Iron Lung Records.

The folks at Iron Lung have this to say about it.....

The trip just got real heavy.
Effects soaked noise rock of the highest order from the country down under, squealing and mashing it's way into our hearts. This magma flows hot and loud with the help of Alex Newport's industrial mixing tendencies and UC's uniquely twisted style of sonic craft. There is even a guest appearance by none other than rick feedtime. If that isn't the Aussie/noise seal of approval then we can't help you any further than this.

We are very proud of this one and it was a great honour for us to work with rick feedtime, Brent Punshon, Raul Sanchez, Alex Newport and JJ Golden in the process of creating it.

The LP is available for purchase HERE

And because we are so nice you can try before you buy HERE

And for all the record stores who want to stock it, Iron Lung have said it will be at Revolver and Ebullition in about a fortnight.

We are also very proud to present the first music video from the new album. Our good friend Adam Harding has been slaving away over this for the last few weeks. It features the acting prowess of none other than the Jesus Lizard's David Yow. I don't think it has sunk in yet, that the singer on so many records we collectively own is in our video clip. What a trip. It premiered on VENTVOX a couple of days ago.

We are looking forward to blowing your minds and taking all of your hard earned dollars / euro's / pounds / solid gold bullion with this release.

Until next time....


PS... Don't forget about the last remaining copies of our Criminal IQ 7". Buy them from HERE.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Firstly I would like to extend a huge thanks to Will and Jane and anybody else who had a hand in organising Total Attack Fest a couple of weeks back. It was a great weekend and also marked the first instance of anybody 'moshing' for our band. What an experience. Who would have thought all it would take would be a Metallica cover. If anybody has any photos or audio / video recordings, we would love to see them.

Now down to business...

We are happy to say that the kind folks of Iron Lung Records have announced our record will be available upon the coming of the 6th month. All components have been produced and are, as we speak, being assembled into what will one day very soon be our pride and joy. We will be playing some launch shows across Australia through August and September, and circumstances willing, a few across the USA in November.

The album will be available digitally from here and in hard copy form from here.

Also coming very soon is the video for the track 'Walk Away' from the upcoming album which is being finished off by our very good friend Adam Harding. If the stars align as forecast both album and video will burst into the cosmic awareness at the same time.

In the mean time, we are playing this Friday, May 25, at the old bar for Brisbane's Undead Apes LP launch. Also playing are the Late Arvo Sons and Eyes Out. It will be a blast. We will also be making an appearance for True Radical Miracles final outing in July. More info on that soon.

In signing off I will leave you with 4 stills from our upcoming video featuring none other than our main man David Yow. Adam Harding you are truly a genius.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Live Recordings

Some live recordings of us have been popping up online and I thought I may as well collect as many as I know of here for your enjoyment. First up is a fresh one from a show we were roped into last thursday at the very last minute. It was with Deep Heat and features a very out of tune guitar, snapped bass strings and a broken phaser. Thanks to Alicia for the post....

There are 2 shows up here.. Both of them in Sydney at Blackwire records. One is the Skin 7" launch and the other is from the tour with Walls.

This show is in Newcastle from the tour with Walls. The show was an absolute abortion, the bass cab we were supposed to use was locked in a car by the wasted owner before stumbling off into oblivion leaving us with no amp, just a DI. I saw lots of things that night and none of was pleasant. At least I won $24 on the pokies. Now you have the context, please enjoy 10 of the worst minutes of our bands existence.

This last show is in Brisbane at Burst city. It was our on our Skin 7" launch tour. All the bands were great. Also see the live footage snippet from the same night.

We are after any live footage or recordings of us from any point in time so if you have anything at all please get in touch.

Sunday, 25 March 2012


The Iron Lung Records page says our record is at the plant... So in celebration we've decided to share another sliver from the new LP with you.

This is 'Stranger', the second track from our upcoming lp 'POST ENDING // PRE COMPLETION'.

In other news... Our good friend Adam Harding has let us know that he will begin shooting a new music video for the track 'Walk Away' from the LP really soon. We are very excited about this. He has a few surprises up his sleeve and I think the final result is going to be astounding.

You will be able to witness the album live when we play at the following shows....

April 20 - The Bendigo Hotel with Kromosom, Debacle and Leprosy

May 5 - TOTAL ATTACK FEST - Spring Hotel Brisbane with Straightjacket Nation, Undead Apes and a shitload more....

May 25 - Old Bar - Undead Apes LP launch with others....

I also believe we have an instore at Tym Guitars in the works on May 6th but I will confirm that for you all later.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Finally catching up with life.....

So... I know. We're a bit behind the eight ball here. But we are slowly catching up to the world.

Having figured out how to use this wonderful piece of info sharing media, I focused on another, that being bandcamp, and made our music available again to the people.

If you click on the link named LISTEN over to your left, you will be redirected to a new page with a taste of our new album and access to most of our other releases, new and old. All old releases are available there for download at a minimal charge, however you will have to hold your horses on getting the 'Sky is Falling' LP as right now I can't find the master and the record itself wont fit into the cd drive of my computer.

I would also like to point out to anybody that may be going to buy the digital copy of the 'Skin' EP that it is still available on vinyl from the wonderful people at Criminal IQ, also over to your right, for not much more than what the digital versions costs.

Alright then. That's done.

Later dudes.